Saturday, January 04, 2020

Today i grieve ..

Today I grieve for beauty gone
For loveliness made desolate:
All gone, and only ash remains
With bitterness to desecrate.

No trees to rise in majesty
And build a haven sweet and green,
No ferns, no grass, no bushes left
Where little creatures rest unseen.

No bellbirds chime, no whipbirds call,
No little streams go whisp’ring by,
No magpies echo through the leaves,
No kookaburras joyous cry.

No gentle, solemn sanctuary
Where we breathe in creation’s breath,
But just a black and dreadful waste
The acrid, weary land of death.

We grieve with prayer, we sow with tears
And bowed by horror, wear the pain,
And wait still for the miracle:
The blessed benison of rain.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Learning ...

We sit together
In a darkened cave,
Raising up our lanterns
To shine
On one another’s faces.

We leave the sheltered waters
And set forth,
Defying wind and current
On the sulky seas,
To steer true to our star.

We still ourselves to listen
To the song and to the silence,
Hushing our chatter
Until we hear
Whispers of broken hearts.

We love as the wind loves,
Moving mountains of air
Across continents
So that a breeze might caress
One tear-stained face.

We take off our blindfolds
With slow and trembling fingers,
Facing our terror
Of our own nakedness
Until we see glory.