Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Prayer for Today (3/6/20)

Holy Word of God, be our breathing.
Rock of ages, be our anchor point.
May mercy infuse us,
Grace reclaim us,
And may justice flow like a mighty river.

Teach us to listen to you, and to one another.
Open our ears to the stories of the least,
And the tears of the exhausted,
And the whispers of the fearful.
Open our eyes and our hearts, and teach our hands to do righteousness;
And may your cross point out to us the road to peace.

Monday, June 01, 2020

I will sit and listen

I will sit and listen
You do not need my words to speak your pain.
Who am I to commandeer
A place I have not been?
Who am I to appropriate
A path I have not walked?
Who am I to presume
To make this about me?

Your words are strong words
Etched deep by the acid of corroding grief,
Scored upon hearts and bodies
By wounds with too-long history.
Let me listen
Let me learn
Till I can earn the right to weep with you,
Acknowledging my privilege
Even as I claim equality
(A claim you have rights to scoff.)

Let me learn from your anger,
Born of too-long patience,
Needing a Samson
To topple down the pillars
Of all that imprisons you.
Show me where I take away your power.
As I sit and learn,
Let us breathe together
The promises of justice.