Monday, August 31, 2020

Suddenly Spring


Suddenly spring –

Sing like the birds of promise!

Lunatic angels, revel with new-found hope,

As soft as under-feathers,

Yet as sure

As little beaks that drink from gurgling streams!


Suddenly spring –

Sun, be no more a strange!

Flirt with the breezes, laugh with the ever-sky!

Hold fast to empty air, and find it lifts you

Above the doldrums of a deadened sea.


Suddenly spring –

Flowers remember music,

Bending each perfect petal in a curve,

Chattering songs as old and new as morning,

While bitterness departs into the gloom.


Suddenly spring –

Taste, o my soul, the perfume:

Symphonic jasmine cascading delight

Into our blossomed senses, our skin yearning,

For the bare warmth of air, sweet in its tasting.


Suddenly spring –

This is the dance of ages,

Stepped out afresh, even age does not weary.

Tumbling with laughter, we are become as children.

Suddenly spring.