Thursday, February 16, 2006

Grey days

Today is, mostly, a grey day. We don't get many of them, and I really don't like them very much. rainy days are fine (no pun intended), we need rain so very much, and, rain being a luxury round here, I love to watch the garden drink. it comes alive, almost before my eyes. Ever since I was a teenager I have had the mental picture of the flowers bowing their heads to receive the rain, like a congregation bowing their heads to receive a blessing. For some reason I always think of the old word "benison" (which I suppose comes from the Latin bene) the blessing given and received, bringing good to the receiver. Rain like that, in a dry and needy land, is such a picture of grace ... But today is not like that. today we have neither blessed rain nor dancing sunshine, but just greyness. I am thankful that, in sunny Sydney, we don't get many days like this, it is like a blanket of depression thrown across the soul. To lose the sun and not gain the rain is like falling through the crack between 2 things. And it is a glary, breezy grey day. Some grey days have their own magic, heavy with dark cloud, with that special light that makes ever colour more intense, cupped in stillness, waiting for the rain to make its entrance. Today just doesn't make the grade.


Suzanne R said...

I'm so pleased to see you blogging. I enjoy your writing very much.

Days in the Portland, Oregon area are quite often grey, especially in the fall, winter and spring! Last month we had that "benison" of rain, but right now it is very chilly, especially at night, and supposed to get colder. I will be wishing you the blessing of rain.

Lynne said...

thank you for reading my musings!maybe you learn to live with grey days, having lived all my life in one of the world's sunniest non-desert places, I guess i take sunshine for granted!