Monday, February 20, 2006

Just a Monday

It's really quite surreal (really surreal? oh dear!) entitling this Monday, since I know that, the website being American, it will be officially dated with yesterday's date .. it's enough to make a fish swim backwards! Passed the morning quietly, browsing a wonderful website called Sheepcomics a series of comic strips satirising some common church practices through a bunch of (literally) sheepish characters. Strictly for those who can discern the difference between loving God and agreeing with everything that is done in His name. Not that I agree with every single thing the author says, but his central premise is one I can get up and cheer about. And "Lionel the average Lamb" who questions all the church leaders' manipulative pronouncements, is a wonderful character!

Then I went out, got my hair cut (it hadn't been cut since last October, so the ends were getting dry and unruly) and bought meat for the next few days and some hot cross buns, some of which I put in the freezer to keep them fresh for later in the week. When they're available, they're one of my favourite breakfast options. Generally I've had a blobby day, but tomorrow I have college in the morning, 3 hours of Hebrew exegesis, so a restful Monday is a good thing. I don't have any Hebrew homework to do for a couple of weeks, since I've worked ahead, so this week I can concentrate on preparing my sermon for next Sunday, which I will be preaching at all 3 services. I think I'll organise things so I don't have to cook Sunday lunch; preaching twice in the morning is going to leave me wanting to put my feet up and rest my back before fronting up again to preach in the evening...


Suzanne R said...

I enjoyed those sheep cartoons very much.

Have a good time (my laptop with the stubborn "o" typed "god" time, and that's true, too) preparing your sermon!

Lynne said...

I thought you'd enjoy them, some of them are wickedly satirical!