Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rembrandt the Rhinoceros

Today I went out and bought Rembrandt the Rhinoceros .. sounds like a great first sentence for a kids' book, or perhaps a quirky piece of general fiction (or a zookeeper's memois ...) Actually, my home remains pet free, if you don't count the goldfish in our outdoor pond (and of course there are always the wild birds, lizards etc and the occasional possum throwing a party on our roof) Actually, I bought a cushion that has an embroidered rhinoceros on it, and M said I have to give it a name, so I decided, since it was a very arty and ornate rhinoceros, to call it Rembrandt. Along with van Gogh, and perhaps Monet, Rembrandt is my favourite artist, when it came to painting human personality, and the hidden life of the emotions and spirit, he was the master of them all. My Rembrandt is a little less exalted, but he is going to have a significant role in our family room, providing needed cushioning in the little purple bucket chair that has become known as the "Humble Chair" (don't ask!) and blending in to my mauve and green decor. He is a serendipitous rhinoceros -- I had been "sort of" looking for the right cushion for nearly a year, and today, when I wasn't looking, but just wandering round the furniture store while A did time in the electronics queue, I spotted him sitting on a lounge! But most good things aren't found where you pursue them (which ids why I take issue with the "pursuit of happiness") they pounce on you while you're busy getting on with life. Then you pause and give thanks ..

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Suzanne R said...

Would love to see a picture of Rembrandt!