Monday, July 17, 2006

Ten random things I believe

1. That if the world ever begins to understand what grace is, the world will be transformed
2. That the world really is charged with the glory of God, a slightly battered chalice holding His beauty (thank you N T Wright and G M Hopkins)
3. That prayer, laughter, hugs and chocolate are powerful tools of healing
4. most politicians are self-serving
5. That being a woman does not make me inferior to males in any way shape or form. God did not make woman to be man's subordinate, but his equal and counterpart
6. Life is for living, not conforming
7 sometimes dancing in the rain is the wisest thing a person can do
8. Because Jesus died and rose again, everything worthwhile becomes possible
9. eat dessert whenever possible, tomorrow mightn't come
10. Only those who kneel to serve the smallest can rise to fly among the stars


Patchouli said...

Okay, that last line needs to be copyrighted.

I will be using it and need to know where to send the check...

Lynne said...

LOL! A cheque in US dollars would be a novelty!! It was one of those happy moments when you grope for the right image and it comes ..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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