Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Via crucis -- seventh posting

It's been a while since I posted an instalment of my long conglomerate poem (the last entry was May 7th) but now that semester end, and then my holiday, are over, I'm back to writing some more of it. Certainly the intervening time has (unfortunately) provided more inspiration to weave into it ..

What do tears do? These tears
These silent tears?

Do they tear wide a path
To the overwhelming weeping,
the sea around the gold heart of the world?

Or are they merely drowning place for me?

Does silence heal? Will ignorance make gone
The long offence? Is everything made well
By sleight of mind, (not spoken won’t exist),
Or does captivity in darkness dwell?

I have been long the prisoner of your lies
(Unspoken lies, which therefore were not said)
The vast untruth of all your love for me:
The corpse-embrace that left me nearly dead.

These silken shackles chafed me to the bone,
Yet were your gift: how, then, could I not wear?
It seemed ingratitude so bleak and black:
You were so generous to bend and share!

Yes, as the wolf is generous to the sheep,
Or as pollution, giving to the stream.
I am made less by all you give to me:
In your tight silence, can you hear my scream?

Here, where all promises fail
Here, where all screams are still
Here, where the dust lies thick
Here, where I writhe until ..

Here where I see the lack
Of every trust I tried
Here, where the chasm looms
Despair on either side ..

Here I will wait till night,
Brighter than all dismay
Dawns on the edge of sight:
One promise that will stay ..


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