Sunday, February 11, 2007

Not the large thunders ..

Sometimes we're just so aware of our own littleness, our limitations, that it is time to leave the grand themes behind, and be thankful that God's grace comes to us in the midst of our humanity ..


Not the large thunders, for I cannot hear
Your word to me within the shouted phrase.
Whisper with gentleness, for I am small,
Cramped to the fragile limit of my days.

Show me no maps of heaven, eye’s not seen
Grandeur so vast, nor can I count its gauge.
Dazzled by dewdrops, mesmerised by mice,
My sight cannot encompass such a stage.

Not the vast eons, flaming through the sky --
Limit Your love to now, this second’s span.
I, not eternal, but poor child of time,
Would hold Your finger in my finger’s scan.

I would hold and be held, and I would know,
To the small limits of my littleness,
Love, not as the transcendent spirits know,
But, in this breath, this heart, Your soft caress.

Therefore withhold the music of the spheres,
Until I grow to meet You face to face.
Now, showing mercy to my finitude,
Grant me my this-day’s-portion of Your grace.


Kevin Knox said...

Praise the Lord, Lynne.

This was so right on for me. That's what I need, not the music of the spheres, but love in this breathe.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. I'm thankful that codepoke sent me over!