Monday, February 12, 2007

A prayer for someone ..

I found this one in my files, with a date on it (29th September, 1992)
Do you know, I can't even remember who I wrote it for?
(Please be nice about my againg process)
but when I read it, i think it's probably relevant to a lot of people out there, so I offer it tonight as a prayer for all those who are struggling to find the way forward right now. if that is you, be comforted by your Father's love for you, and remember that He doesn't love you any less in your moments of weakness ..


Be with him, Father, for the night is cold,
And stark uncertainty is hard to bear.
Show him his path, (You only are the Way).
Even in dimness, let him know You there.

Let Your light shine wherever it must fall:
Whether as beacon, signalling his road,
Or as a searchlight turned upon his heart,
Be all his answer, for You are his God.

Be to him comfort in the lonely place
Of the heart's seeking. Answer to his cry
With tenderness, with fullness of Yourself.
Give his heart wings, and teach him how to fly.

Show him that thing which he needs most to learn.
Guide him to drink from waters of delight;
And lead him, hand in hand, till he finds rest,
Your perfect peace, the glory of Your light.

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