Friday, February 09, 2007

Return of the Pickle

Did my blog miss me?
I have been away (to new Zealand, on a holiday to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary)and for the week before there was just too much going on. But i've been back a couple of days now, and I'm ready to reconnect and (shock horror!) maybe even start thinking again!
But don't hold your breath, it's a pretty uncomfortable thing to do!


Kevin Knox said...

Hey, it's a delight to see you show up in the ol' aggregator again! I'm glad you were gone for such a great reason. Praise the Lord!

kc bob said...

What, not internet in NZ?

Welcome back!

Lynne said...

Thanks codepoke!
KB, I believe they're quite an advanced country, really, LOL! but we were on a cruise ship, doing a wildlife trip around the islands, and the only internet available was by satellite, and horrendously expensive (and because of the remote places we were, half the time there wasn't even that!
Photos will follow (in due course)

Anonymous said...

How could you live without the internet???!!!

I can't go more than 8 horus ( and thats because I sleep sometimes) without it. lol