Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Because The Skies

Because the skies flare golden, here we walk
In glory, long before our given time;
And own the wonder that we are so blessed.

Because the skies stretch blue, infinite blue,
No cloud, no vapour breaks that purity,
We gaze and know ourselves to be so small.

Because the skies loom purple, pending storm,
We face the mundane without qualm of fear
Knowing that wondrous mystery breaks through here.

Because the skies can blaze with sunstruck fire,
We know our longings can to ashes fade
And be relit, and hope can burn anew.

Because the skies can hush to twilight’s balm
We dream of peace, so plenteous, so calm,
The benison that says God holds us still.

Because the skies grow pink as softest blush
We pause from all the flurry and the rush
Remembering the holy touch of grace.

Because the skies … because the Spirit breathes
Through all creation, touching all that is
With His great beauty, whispers, “More than this …”

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