Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reflections on Luke: 1:5-7

For Lent this year I will pick up the project I began late last year (and only got as far as the first one) of writing reflective, responsive poems working systematically through Luke's gospel

These are the barrens.
Here the crow caws wide
Across interminable loss;
The heart hangs low
With longing unfulfilled.
Here raindrops dance
Only to stir the dust.

The priest, his wife,
The sorrow and the struggle,
Falling short
Of their own normal;
Leaking out long pain
In slow deflation;
Striving after joy
In little things, to heal the gaping wound.

Does great God hear the prayers of unslaked dust?
Does he bend down to those whose failure haunts
The margins of their ordinary lives?

Does mercy fall to shatter quiet despair?

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