Saturday, February 28, 2015

Reflections Luke 2: 1-5

Man does and God fulfils. Time after time
We stretch ourselves into necessity
Doing what we think needful. All the while
God’s promise comes to pass. We, small and weak,
Of little wisdom, wind our little way
From one day to the next with our small plans,
While the stars smile at us, the sun looks down
The wind blows where it will. Things shift and turn
With logic that defies us, yet we act
With such free will as bonds of space and time
Allow us – and the will of God is done!

Caesar Augustus, there in far off Rome
Made his decree, a census sentenced he,
And never knew the prophet long ago
Had said that Bethlehem would be the place
Wherein the child of wonder would be born.
He never knew that one of David’s seed
To David’s town must travel for his birth
As God had said it would be from of old.

Nor do we know, in each day’s little span,
What reach our hands may have, what they may touch,
What wings our words are given, by God’s grace,
What ordinary things may serve their turn,
What vastness of eternity’s design
Hinges on us unknowing. Or what prayer

Moves a great mountain which we never see?

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