Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Palm Branch

I am a palm branch lifted
I am a palm branch laid
Down on the stones of the city,
Dusty and sore afraid

Oh how the triumph chorus
Swells in my heart and soul:
Longing for final victory
Longing to be made whole.

Anticipation shivers
Here comes the Saviour king
Jerusalem is thrilling
Her loudest praise to sing.

Yet soon the songs grow silent
Under a darkening sky
All the hosannas falter
This king has come to die.

Palm branches lie forgotten
Soon to be swept away
Only the broken pieces
Torn and dismembered, stay.

Soon are the streets re-crowded,
Soon comes another cry:
No more resounds “Hosanna!”
Now it is “Crucify!”

Only the crushed and broken
Recognise such a king,
Walk through the nights of terror
To see what day will bring.

Waiting the tender promise
Of resurrection morn
It is in death and darkness
Our one real hope is born.

I am a palm branch laid down
Under a donkey’s feet
Knowing that in his mercy
I shall be made complete.

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