Tuesday, February 06, 2018


So much gets locked away:
Things the flesh cannot say,
Dreams of the night and day,
Thoughts that no longer stay,
Feelings that won’t obey,
Questions that twist and sway,
Music that lost its way.

Nobody can express
All the ways hearts digress:
Places we cannot guess,
Dreams that we must compress,
Thoughts that we carefully dress,
Hiding the wildering mess,
Yet longing to possess
Maps of its vast largesse.

Something akin to shame
Hides what we cannot name,
Thinking we’re all the same.
Yet what we cannot tame
Burns like a hidden flame,
And, though we would disclaim,
Fearing ourselves to blame,
Is where the wonder came.

Thus we walk into light
Fearing to bring to sight
What we glimpsed in the night
Straitened to set aright
What is our secret fright
Yet in our fear’s despite,
Hesitant and contrite,
The Knower sets us right.

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