Thursday, February 08, 2018

The Woman in the Background in the Movie

In the grey light of winter,
There on the city street
The people go their several ways
With dreary, dragging feet.

And there, soft in the background,
She waits against a wall,
Her face looks out across the crowd
and wears no fear at all.

Her face folds like a flower
That waits the kiss of sun,
Yet turns in hope towards the sky
When sunshine there is none.

The young they nerve their courage
To battle with their fears;
But she has walked much longer
And left behind her tears.

There, in the rush of evening,
While others chase release,
She leans against a pillar
Enfolded in her peace.

The clouds of war will gather,
The rain of bombs begin,
But, steadfast in the darkness,
She bears her light within.

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