Saturday, March 31, 2018

Holy Saturday

This is the grey place,
Grief’s kingdom of despair:
Even the stars do not speak.
Here, together, we are alone,
Turning from each other’s’ eyes
Lest the pain should overwhelm us.
The horror of yesterday
Carved a place in our souls,
Desolate, hollow,
Nothing there except died blood
Where our hearts were ripped apart
In a land too dry for tears.

Is this where hope goes –
Slashed down by Roman swords
Pierced by nails and spears,
Harried by the hatred of his own.
Till nothing’s left but death?

So few days ago
We sang the songs of ascent
Climbing towards Jerusalem.
We saw the crowd,
Delirious with welcome,
Waving palms for all they’re worth.
Did it all mean nothing?
Do they turn on the whim of a moment,
Seeking only earth’s largesse?

It is only now we know
How much we loved him

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