Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Strange Love

an Eastertide oldie

So strangely, o Beloved
You show your love to me
You did not put on beauty
To win my loyalty
You did not show your power
To dazzle my dim sight
You dressed you as a beggar
And drew men’s scorn and spite.

Ah yes, you came to woo me
For my sake you did fight
Against the fiends of darkness
You were my faithful knight
My wretchedness to ransom,
You, Lord, were wounded sore
Your very life surrendered
In that strange silent war.

O public was your shame Lord
But quiet your victory
In silent dawnswept morning
From depths of mystery
You triumphed there, Beloved,
You overwhelmed the grave
And, gift beyond my dreaming,
To me your life you gave.

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