Thursday, March 08, 2018


An attempt to use the French resistance in WWII as a metaphor for resisting temptation

Evil strums in the blood
It stalks the streets,
Beats down defences with its banal face
Becomes our ordinary
Just a shrug
The simple act of look the other way
The simple act of grabbing what you can.
There is always a reason
For the dumb collaboration of the weary heart,
The weak one step too far.

There is another way,
Gritty, alone,
Compelled by love,
The courage that is born
From deeper fears:
The life that dares to live.
Here, beating hearts
Acknowledge both the terror and the stakes,
And calculate
The worth that’s past all price,
The love that makes all other loves look pale.
Blazing against the ancient lie that says
There is a middle ground,
A compromise,
Between two kingdoms utterly opposed.

1 comment:

kc bob said...

"The love that makes all other loves look pale."

Beautiful Lynn.