Sunday, April 08, 2018

Civitas Dei (the City of God)

another from the archives -- my longing to walk, even now, as a citizen of Heaven

I yearn to be made free of that estate
Which is the spanning of your joy in me;
Wondrous that city, past all telling, great,
In which the sons of love find liberty.

There, where the shining streets stretch into light,
There I would tread in worship, and be free;
Where I shall know no fading into night,
Only that surgence, which is life to me.

There I would know the perfect, sure embrace
Of undivided love, and grieve no more.
But now, already freeman of your grace,
I would know something of that love before.

I would walk, even now, the open way
Of heart to heart, and know I am received,
Not for my merit, but by full array
Of straitless love, by which I was retrieved

Out of my doorless prison. I am come
To, faltering, learn the steps by which to go
From this small thinking, all too long my home,
Into the bounty which I yearn to know.

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