Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sleeping Beauty

just a fairy tale princess, or is she?

She waits inside the frozen place
While the world is turning, turning
Waits for the benison of grace
Deaf to its yearning.

She waits through blossom’s bloom and fall
Leaf drop and the brown fruits’ drying;
Through winters like a world in thrall,
But the heart keeps crying.

She waits while stars in heaven spin
And the circling earth grows blinder;
She waits, but still cannot name him:
The one who’ll find her.

She waits, and thorns grow sharply round
Her heart, so benumbed and hidden,
His kiss is still a rumoured sound
Its time forbidden.

She waits. She waits for her true king,
Enchanted till his returning,
The world does not know anything
All undiscerning.

She waits, but he is coming soon,
He will lift her from her slumber
To a place more fair than sun or moon,
Past night’s encumber.

She waits, forgotten and alone,
But then the whole world beholding,
Sees her great beauty, not her own,
His love’s unfolding.

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