Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Birthday meme

Ok, it's more than 2 months since my birthday, but I thought this looked like fun. The idea is you type your birthday (sans year) into Google and find at least 3 significant events, two births and one death that took place on that day.

Here's what I found for October 28:

* 312 The Battle of Milvian bridge where Constantine defeated Maxentius and became sole Roman emperor (and didn't that have some significant consequences for church history)
* 1636 The foundation of Harvard university
* 1958 Angelo Roncalli became Pope john XXIII, someone who affected more than just the Catholic church

* 1903 Evelyn waugh, author of such books as Brideshead Revisited
* 1955 Bill Gates, making him exactly one year younger than me ...

* Billy Hughes famous Australian prime minister

It is also St Simon and St Jude's day

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byron smith said...

Wikipedia has entries for each day of the year with significant dates, births and deaths. Here is Oct 28.