Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free will or predestination?

Came across this story while preparing my next sermon (yes, I know, it's my essay on Rev 4 I should be working on, but sermons are much more fun!) This one doesn't fit my sermon, but it's too good to pass by:

The story is told of a group of theologians who were discussing the tension between predestination and free will. Things became so heated that the group broke up into two opposing factions. But one man, not knowing which to join, stood for a moment trying to decide. At last he joined the predestination group. “Who sent you here?” they asked. “No one sent me,” he replied. “I came of my own free will.” “Free will!” they exclaimed. “You can’t join us! You belong with the other group!” So he followed their orders and went to the other clique. There someone asked, “When did you decide to join us?” The young man replied, “Well, I didn’t really decide–I was sent here.” “Sent here!” they shouted. “You can’t join us unless you have decided by your own free will!”


kc bob said...

I am still smiling over this one. I linked back to you and reposted at my place.

Suzanne R said...

This is excellent as well as funny!