Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easter Saturday

Here I wait,
In the opaque stillness,
In the smothered silence
Of my heart’s desire;
At the tide’s far point
Where the sand lies smooth,
And the taste of the waves
Is yesterday’s memory.
I have been bleached by death
Till the tatters fall away
And the bones lie clean and bare
Here I wait
For mercy
For my savage, certain hope
Of love to come and lift me to the light.

There you waited
In a place we cannot name;
While Your tortured body rested
Beyond the solid stone.
Gathering Life
Into Yourself
(Whose very self was life yet chose to die)
And the whole world waited
Desolate and grey
While, beyond the barrier,
Light laughed,
Awaiting the moment
To tear up death and take us in Your arms.

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