Monday, March 26, 2018

One Candle

another "oldie"

If but one candle burns against the darkness;
If but one candle takes its stand where night
Lies thickest; then, though flickering and timorous,
The darkness is defeated, there is light.

I fear, but fear shall make me burn the brighter.
My trembling draws my wick upon my God;
Molten and made aflame by lambent glory,
Called into flame, that He might light the world.

If but one candle, then is laughter shining,
In the sharp joy transcending darkest pain.
If but one candle blazes forth its witness,
Proclaiming light has everlasting reign.

I shall be undefeated by the darkness;
Not of myself, but He who makes me burn.
He shall sustain that which Himself has lighted;
And, for His glory, shall to brightness turn

All of the darkness' worst - it's but His fuelling.
If any candle burn, it is His grace.
And this one candle, by that grace aspiring,
Shall be consumed in light, shall see His face.

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