Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sing not to me ..

another from the archives, one of my dealing-with-abuse poems

Sing not to me of summer seas
Lulled lapless neath a silver moon;
For mighty waves, and bitter winds,
And cloud-torn storms have been my tune.

Sing not to me of palm-nursed isles
Where perfumed air enfolds the breath;
For I through lunar-scapes have walked,
Where airlessness crept close to death.

Sing not to me of family love,
And warmth and safety found at home:
That was where vultures lit on me,
And terror came in monochrome.

But sing to me of Life so strong
The grave cannot annihilate;
And sing to me of Faith that holds
Through whirlwind, till all storms abate.

And sing to me, ah sing to me,
Of Love that suffers by my side,
And of the glory waiting there:
The Father’s arms stretched open wide.

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