Thursday, March 07, 2019

On Saying the Creed

I believe …
And believing,
I stand together with the company of saints
Knit together, woven by his grace,
Across centuries and continents.

I stand with the martyrs
Of every generation;
The ones who strode,
And the ones who fumbled.
I stand with the clear-eyed,
Theologians and philosophers,
Who gazed into the deep places
And saw more than their own reflection;
And with those who could only mumble hopefully,
Choosing to believe that the mystery was real.

I stand with those who argued deeply,
Trying to decipher how it works,
Sometimes forgetting this, their common ground;
And with those who would rather reach out dusty hands
For the work that must be done.
I stand with the loved and the unloved,
The feeble and the fainting,
The highly valued and the overlooked,
All borne to the same shore.

They all crowd together,
Every nation, every language,
Linked in a mighty shout
That neither death nor hell can silence,
The word that undoes man’s kingdoms:
I believe …

We understand
As our frail crafts spin on roaring seas of doubt,
Tossed by the world’s winds’ sneering,
Our masts bent to a question mark,
That a nail-scarred hand holds the tiller,
And he shall steer us home.

Yes, I believe!

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