Tuesday, July 06, 2021



You have always been my other name for God

(In whom all beauty dwells),

Flashing across my terra-formed heart,

Singing of other worlds.

How you confront me!


I see you in a petal’s perfect curve,

You sing the song of running waters,

Dancing in every nuance of sunlight;

Cutting wide open

Every last defence,

Then gather me up with hands of tenderness.


My first teacher,

Preparing me for worship,

Capturing a child’s attention

With knife-sharp loveliness,

Whispering a story

That I could almost hear.

Shattering my heart.


You play in so many places:

Connection and healing,


The making and the breaking,

Humility set free,

The candle flames of truth that shine like stars,

Scattering our darkness.


You made me pilgrim:

From the muck and the trash

Towards treasure

Found in the Father’s heart,

Waiting forever

Where call and response are one.

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