Sunday, April 30, 2006

another quote

This one from Catherine Clark Kroeger (at )
I love how this strikes at the very root of the concept that the root of all godly relationships is hierarchy!

It is quite true that the Bible says the husband is the head of the woman, but the language of the New Testament (Greek) did not ordinarily use the word in a metaphorical sense to designate someone who was chief or boss. “The gentiles desire to lord it over you, but among my disciples it shall not be so” (Mark 10:42–45). We must remember that Christ left no clearly designated leader among his band of followers, nor was it God’s original intent to give Israel a king. Jesus apparently felt that a servant-master relationship was destructive of intimacy; for he said, “I no longer call you servants, because the servant does not know what his or her master is going to do. Rather, I call you friends” (John 15:15). Christ is indeed called head of the church; but a careful study of the passages on this subject reveal that the term evokes images of close relationship, of moving impulses, and unity within the body.

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