Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I'm no pollyanna, and, truth to tell, never liked the book. Her "glad game" always seemed irritatingly shallow, rather than profoundly praiseful. It dishonours the reality that we do suffer in this world, that things are sometimes a struggle and we need to feel our feelings in order to get past them, not bury them under fake plastic smiles and insincere "Praise the Lords". nevertheless, there is a place for genuine thanksgiving (based on reality, not rationalisation), in fact, biblically it is commanded. So I thought it wouldn't hurt this morning (which may well appear as afternoon on the blog's dating, such are the joys of time zones) if I made a random list of things I am genuinely thankful for. After all, it's only 2 days here till good Friday, and surely wonder, awe and thanksgiving is the attitude with which we should approach the entire Easter story? So here is my list, deliberately focused not on the woders of salvation (read Ephesians 1 for that list!) but the ordinary earthly pleasures that are also God's good gift
Things I am Thankful for
sunshine and clear skies
good friends (few, but precious)
the wonder of being able to live in a beautiful place
the night sky
my kids
good books, and that people made the effort to write them
a second chance at tertiary education
the pleasure of words
the rainbow lorrikeets in my backyard
modern medicine, enabling me to stay functioning with a bad back
good teachers
computers and the internet
bare feet walking on soft grass
the ability to learn and go on learning
other people's creativity
good food

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Suzanne R said...

I enjoyed your list. I echo your hooray for modern medicine! And good food. ;-) I know there are others I can relate to but these are my favorites at the moment.