Monday, April 03, 2006

via crucis -- first posting

I am presently working on a long poem, which is really a collection of many,many short poems, multiple facets spiralling around a complex subject. because it is composed of many indepent (but mutually dependent pieces) i can post it in bits as i go along. here is the first bit, segments 1->4

Here, in the forest, darkness enfolds me
Paths all meander, nothing is straight
Twisting and turning, sunlight and shadow
Limping the slow tracks, learning to wait.

Here there are dangers, lions and tigers
Bears that will crush me, butcherbird’s song
Hope and despairing, feelings past bearing
Seeking my home down paths right and wrong.

What would you? Have my yesterdays
Won no reprieve?
Is your glass half-empty,
Even when I top it with my blood?
Can you not refrain
From the way of the vacuum, consuming me?
I am not your flooring
To be trodden, nor your TV
Turned on to entertain you
Then turned off again?

Behold I live :
I bleed, breathe, walk perspire,
Think, feel; have arms, have heart
Have life like you
(Perhaps I have more life
Than you do, being less afraid of death)

I can become.
I am not set in stone
Nor any yesterday shall limit me
From limitless hereafter.
I shall laugh
For warm glad miracle of resurrection,
and awed to silence by a shifted stone:
and stone hearts break
and stones are turned to bread
in this cold desert you have pushed me to.

The wine is poured
And the world turns
And the thirsty come
And are organised
In bitter queues
With faces washed
And sterile hands
And leaking souls
While the deacons drink
In the banquet house
To regurgitate
To a world in need
All the sour slops
That remain from greed.

And the fountain springs
And the blood outpoured
Flows abundantly
From her wounded Lord.

I will walk the way of the silent heart
In the hour of cold moon waning
Put off the taught and charming pomp
All panoply disdaining.
Spread my plucked wings towards the dawn
Embrace my lodestar’s shining
Quench my spare thirst with little dews
For one pure river pining
Go with the wild goose’ lonely call
Soft where the shadows linger
Give all I am for one clear word
Writ by love’s blazing finger.


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