Tuesday, April 04, 2006

things I can live without

I must have caught some sort of list bug lately (better that than the flu, which one starts to think of now these Sydney autumn mornings are getting chilly -- down to 11C yesterday morning, Brrr --) This time I thought I'd write a list of things I could live without, ie things I either don't like or don't have, or are completely irrelevant to my life or (in some cases) I think the world would be better off without. Don't take it personally if something you love is on my list, I'm only banning it from my world, not yours

camera phones (what's the logic in taking photos with a phone?)
mosquitos (does anyone want them?)
ditto flies
beige clothes
bikinis (self-explanatory at my age!)
earthquakes and tsunamis
whisky (don't drink it or cook with it)
tofu (pickles are carnivorous)
fatty, greasy meat (ugh!)
barley sugar
pornography (or anything that reduces women to sex objects)
nuclear and/or biological weapons
in fact most weapons (though, humanity being what it is, they'd judt re-invent them)
reality tv (especially the ones that set people up for immoral or abusive behaviour)
boiled vegetables (a la my mother)
all nasty diseases
onions (they upset my stomach)
junk phone calls from estate agents, unheard-of phone companies and strange financial institutions
irregular verbs in languages I've tried to learn
attempted manipulation by politicians (can we get rid of politicians too?)
media stories with no facts in them
patriarchy (I can always dream)

maybe I'm just a grumpy old woman

1 comment:

Steve F. said...

No possibility of a grumpy woman here - at least none that I can see.

In fact, I'd ditto almost every item on your list. There are some things (like bikinis and revealing clothing) that I wouldn't want THE WORLD to do without - I like to look as much as the next person - but they certainly would be useless to a person of my age/girth.

I agree about fatty, greasy meat, too. But oh, the taste of crisply fried, patted-dry, snap-when-you-bite-it bacon...

Mostly, though, I wanted to thank you for the grace-filled comment you left on my blog. I know from practical experience that there are many followers of Christ who are gracious, caring, and accepting - who have welcomed me into their homes and their lives, and then not rejected me when the learned the truth.

I just wish there were more of them speaking out, to counter the voices I hear so often.

Your comment brightened my day and my night, and I couldn't find an email address to let you know the sunshine you shared with me!