Wednesday, December 13, 2006

6 ways I'm weird

Suzanne R has this meme up, and I thought I'd have a go. It's hard though, since my daughter's not around to inform me. I mean, I think I'm totally normal, of course! It's the rest of the world that's weird!

These will just be in the order I think of them:

1) I answer to the name Pickle (or even Naughty Pickle) and have a long running joke with some e-friends about how unethical it is for them to eat pickles!

2) I hate wearing shoes and will go barefoot whenever temperature and social situation permit (which means, in mild Sydney, I'm barefoot at home for about 8 months of the year. Women who have a *thing* on shoes mystify me (I'd rather buy books)and I haven't owned a pair of heels since i was a teenager. Ditto for pantyhose .. I only wear them when absolutely necessary; the last time was at my son's wedding, almost 5 years ago.

3)I have a purple kitchen. Why not? Purple is my favourite colour. The cupboards are limed wood, the benchtops neutral and the splashback tiles off white, but the painted areas on the walls is a glorious deep violet!

4) I don't like the radio, and never listen to it. I just hate being randomly talked at or having music played at me that isn't my choice (so I have never heard most current music) I am really comfortable with silence, and when I'm cooking, driving or other such activities I generally play cds. Likewise I never turn on the tv unless there's something secific I want to watch. And I rarely watch tv if another family member isn't watching it with me. To me (ok, weirdly) watching is a social activity, on my own I'd rather read a book or play on the computer.

5) I make up rhymes for fun as well as try my hand at serious poetry. When my kids were little we had all kinds of funny little songs (set to familiar tunes, I'm no muso)about their toys etc. I have also been known to sit in church listening to a sermon and write my sermon notes as rhymed verse (on the spot) what can i say? it helped me pay attention!

6) when I was a kid i had imaginary friends: Dulcie Duckling, Doctor Castle, the sydney da-das (don't remember much about them)and the Boys and girls of National Park.

and a bonus 7th:
7) I believed in fairies till I was nearly 8. I wasn't really sure that they existed, but I'd heard the bit in Peter pan about how every time a child says they don't believe in fairies a fairy drops dead, and I didn't want to murder any fairies, so I stuck to my guns even though I was teased at school for it. In the same vein of childhood innocence/ignorance I didn't know the basic difference between the genders till i was 11, and was given a book on the subject. I thought the difference between boys and girls was that boys' hair didn't grow! (proof that I had no brothers I guess)

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Suzanne R said...

I find your "weirdnesses" very charming, and not all that weird, truthfully. I can definitely relate to not knowing the differences in gender until late childhood -- I did have a brother but we were both quite small when we bathed together, and I was fairly oblivious, even then. Nice job!