Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mary Speaks

What must it have been like, for 9 months, trying to reconcile the ordinary discomforts of pregnancy with her extraordinary situation? How do you actually LIVE through something like that?

Each day I must struggle to stand
In the balance between mundane and miraculous:
The glory of the angel and my swollen, lumbering body.

How do I reconcile
The mysteries I walk in?
The conception that could not be,
And the pregnancy that is ..

In the moment of exaltation
It is easy to forget
It is not the sharp fear that undoes us:
The whispers, the withdrawals,
And the tentacles of doubt
Ensnaring till I near-believe it shame ..

Walking between the scorn of man
And the sure word of God
(spoken into my body that I may not doubt)
I flounder to find a place:
The stillness of the mystery,
The dull ache in my back,
The Life that moves within me
And the life that I must live ..

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