Friday, December 22, 2006

The Next Morning

Softly, quietly, treading slowly,
In the cold, grey early morning,
While the town is barely stirring,
After such a night as this.

Fading stars still glint like carols,
Where, before, a few scant hours,
Music shimmered through the night sky.
Was there such a night as this?

Angel songs of alien beauty
Breaking through, to break our senses
Where the veil twixt earth and heaven
Tore, on such a night as this.

Now with trembling steps we falter
To the beast-cave, cold, forgotten ..
What remains? What changed forever,
After such a night as this?

Just a baby, and His mother
Sleep, exhausted in the shadows
Can this be what changed the whole world
Causing such a night as this?

Ponder, then, how strange God’s way is
Through the tiniest chink to enter
While the heedless world was sleeping
Missing such a night as this.

Through this channel, this small baby
Weary, human, helpless, broken,
God transcendent, mercy’s promise
Born on such a night as this.

1 comment:

Kevin Knox said...

God almighty, allowing Himself to carried.
The Owner of every beast, waiting to be fed.
The Living Sacrifice, receiving the sacrifice of Mary's and Joseph's lives.

Such a way to live
The hardest way
God chooses it every time


Thank you so much for showing us these poems. Every one is a revelation.