Saturday, December 09, 2006

Of the increase of His government...


Now Alleluias shall be sung
Across the portals of the dawn,
For unto us a child has come:
The king of Heaven has been born.

The government of all that is
He carries as a little thing;
The reaches of the skies are His,
And, for His praise, the angels sing.

He lies within the manger's straw,
And 'Wonderful' shall be His name.
He Whom the seraphim adore
Has come to make Himself our shame.

He is, still is, the Mighty God
Whose hands hold all eternity.
His first steps have not yet been trod,
But they shall lead to Calvary.

He is the Father, He Whose heart
Yearns for the stricken and defiled:
Thus, from His glory to depart,
And take our place, the given child.

And peace shall be His Kingdom's fruit,
Dear blessed peace 'twixt God and man;
For He shall stretch to bridge that gulf
Which nothing but a cross can span.

And though, for now, His world is held
Within a stable poor and small,
His kingdom's increase shall not end
Until He is the Lord of all.

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