Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Tears of Tamar

Louder than the world,
She weeps in silence.
Her grief cuts to the heart of things
The blood-soaked mess of life.
Oh weep, my sisters!

Every tear cries out
Like the bitter blood of Abel,
Crying out for justice
As it soaks into the ground.
Oh weep, my sisters!

These are the tears of everywoman:
Betrayed and made invisible.
She weeps for every woman bought and sold,
Reduced to thing-hood
In the marketplace of lust.
Oh weep, my sisters!

She weeps in the shadows,
From the horror she has known,
And the anguish she has borne.
And the earth cries with her in its groaning,
The wrenching misery of exile.
Oh weep, my sisters!

Nothing matters now,
No beauty, no position,
For he showed no contrition
And her sweetness was as weakness.
Oh weep, my sisters!

As the earth turns,
And the tears fall
And the moon marks months of silence.
As she counts her losses
On fingers too thin to hold on;
And her mind replays the terror
And the emptiness that followed
The rejection that she swallowed
And the silence that was damned.
Oh weep, my sisters!

Let us weep with her
Till the morning breaks
And the glory wakes,
Till all tears are dried
Oh weep, my sisters,
With all the sisters,
The forgotten sisters
Of Tamar’s pain.

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