Tuesday, March 28, 2006

2 short poems

this one speaks for itself:

Take me today ..

My restless heart
Stilled on Your illimitable peace

My tired hands
Held fast and close by Yours

My hidden anger
Resting on Your everlasting justice

Blanketed by mercy

My defensive tongue
Made vulnerable in praise

My downcast eyes
Raised up to look in Yours


and another on the same theme:

I shall reach out empty hands, and one day You will fill them.
Before the tides retreat forever, and the mountains merge into the sea; You will fill me.
Before the sun forgets to shine, and the moon loses its rhythm, You will fill me,
Morning and evening and the dead parts of the night, I shall know Your peace.

You do not let Your children hunger forever;
Neither does the salt of the sea flow upward to pollute the spring.
The clouds cannot blot the sun, though they pass across its face.
Your love has been proved through generations, it cannot fail me now.

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