Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Just came across something on another blog, asking you to list your accomplishments. That's not the way I normally think, (it's much easier to list the things I CAN'T do) but it may be an interesting exercise (even off the top of my head)
What can I do?
read and write and count
good speller (not the magic kind)
make a great cheesecake, stirfry or salad
know what most of the stuff on a menu means
cuddle children
pray with people
tell jokes
explain the bible to people
have a good sense of colour for interior decorating
remember the words of lots of hymns
sing in tune
preach (working to get better)
write poetry (again, working on it)
do laundry, shop, drive
keep my husband VERY interested (after 29 years!!)
hold my own in college as a mature age student
make up my own recipes (and they usually work)
carry a calendar in my head

That'll do for now.
What can YOU do?

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Suzanne R said...

My mind boggles. :-) I will have to sit down and think about this one, and maybe blog about it, although I keep putting it off. I think it could be a good exercise for the self-esteem. ;-)