Friday, March 10, 2006

The hug

And, talking of childhood loneliness, I wanted to include a poem about a great antidote to loneliness (well it is when it's meaningful and not just manipulative, or an empty social gesture) it's not a great poem, and perhaps it's silly to even try to analyse something so personal and non-verbal, but, speaking as a naturally affectionate person who had a very UNaffectionate childhood, I think hugs are something worth celebrating!


In the held warmth of this desired embrace
I am at rest. Your kindness touches me.
This, too, is evidence of given grace:
I, by your affirmation, am set free.

For, when all words are said, I simply stand
In frail humanity, to be your friend;
But, by the willing outreach of your hand,
You give a gift on which I can depend.

I would adorn you with the tenderness
Of my affection, gentle and sincere;
Gift that my clumsy tongue cannot express,
Gesture that says I hold you very dear.

After that treasured moment, we will take
Our separate pathways with a warmer glow.
For love has eased the solitary ache.
There is a healing, kindness can bestow.

1 comment:

Suzanne R said...

I am touched by this poem, as I was moved by the last one. Thank you for sharing your gift.