Saturday, March 11, 2006


To continue with what i was saying about books yesterday, today I thought I would list some of my favourite writers.
Top of the list would have to be CS Lewis; I read my first narnia book when i was 9 (and the Narnia books were pivotal in my life)his science fiction when I was 12, and started getting into his theology when I was 15. he has been a lifelong ifluence on me, not that I agree with him on everything (for instance, I have different views on Purgatory, war and the role of women) but I love his blend of common sense and sensitive imagination -- he talked my language! Tolkien, of course, has been another favourite, I keep promising myself that i will buy a new copy because the one I bought with my last academic prize money from school is falling apart.

F&SF: some of my favourites are perhaps a little unconventional for a Christian, but I like good, intelligent storytelling, not cliches, it doesn't mean I have to agree with the author's world view. Among my favourites are Sara Douglas, Juliet marillier, Sheri S Tepper and David eddings. Currently i am reading a Tad Williams, another good writer. There are also a pair of books (The Sparrow, and The Children of God) by someone called mary Doria Russell that are among the most shocking and glorious I have ever read.

Detective stories: well, I cut my teeth on Agatha Christie, and she's still not a bad filler for a rainy afternoon, but amongst the oldies I also enjoy ngaio Marsh, and especially Dorothy Sayers. among the moderns my favourites are PD James and Elizabeth George. Another category I particularly enjoy are historical detective stories -- I have the whole set of Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael books. I also particularly enjoy the work of PC Doherty, Peter Tremayne and margaret Frazier (though her nun-detective is a bit weepy and trembly for my taste!)

I also have a collection of a wide variety of novels based on different interpretations of the Arthurian legend, a subject that has fascinated me ever since I read TH White's The Once and Future king, when in high school.
And of course, i haven't even touched on subjects like poetry and theology yet!

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