Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day One --Light

Some years ago I did a creative project for college. (I could have written an essay instead of course, but this was much more fun) What I chose to do was base it on the seven days of creation, making each day symbolic of a step in my spiritual journey. For each day I assembled a photo, a group of bible verses that moved from the physical symbol to the thing I had made it symbolic of. Then I wrote a poem about it. Over the next few days, I'll post the poems, with a short explanation of each.

Day One was the creation of Light. For me that stood for conversion, for the moment (well, it was a moment for me, some people have more gradual experiences) when my eyes were opened, and I saw Jesus as my Lord and my God. He is, after all, the Light of the World.

Darkness within myself
In the bewildering storm;
Nowhere a beacon light,
Nowhere is safe and warm.

Lies – shouted, screaming lies –
Pursue me night and day
How shall I find the truth?
How shall I know the way?

Nothing is as it seems.
Nothing is real or whole.
Nothing I am makes sense.
Nothing connects my soul.

Life is a twice-told tale
(I’ve heard it all before).
Dreariness screams inside:
A ceaseless silent roar.

Where is the centre found?
Have I a destiny?
Is my lone pain for nought?
Could there be love for me?

In this lost, silent place,
(Nothing to hope or know)
Your glory reaches me,
Sets my whole life aglow!

Light, light as warm as love,
Lifts me into embrace;
All I desired or dreamed
Given to me by grace!

Here is my hope, my dawn.
Here is my midday sun.
Here is my guiding star.
All light in You made one.

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