Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day six -- In The Image of God

On the Sixth day, God created man -- in His own image. In a very real sense, all my pilgrim journey is towards becoming more like Jesus. And here we enter deep mystery -- on one hand it is all His doing, His transforming, sanctifying Spirit at work in the deep places of my being, on another level I am actively involved "working out my own salvation with fear and trembling" This poem talks about my side of the journey:

Kaleidoscopic images beswirl
My dazzled mind with their confusing song:
A thousand different words for who I am;
And, sometimes, I think all of them are wrong.

The criticisms that would press me down
Into distorted shape, and twist my way
Back in upon itself in bitter fear:
Lord, give me grace to cast them all away.

The words of praise that lifted folly high
And, in their glamour, bid me aim astray;
Deceptions built upon the pride of flesh:
Lord, give me grace to cast them all away

The failures of the past that lick around
My stumbling feet, and turn them into clay,
Ready to fall again, and never rise:
Lord, give me grace to cast them all away.

The fears that strip my soul from all defence
And on my naked, writhing yearnings flay,
Persuading me that daring is to die:
Lord, give me grace to cast them all away.

Give me to cast all images away,
Till I behold one thing alone is true:
The calling of Your word into my life
That summons me to rise and be like You.

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