Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Anticipating Healing

Just another little poem from my files .. a fragment of a thought. We are broken, weary children, besmirched by the journey, but one day we will reach journey's end, and Cjhrist will take us in His arms, and there will be no shame left. Not only will our sin and shame be washed away, but we ourselves will be washed, transformed by unimaginable grace into something lovely beyond our present understanding ..

I do not have to hide for shame of being me
When all the past is gone, I shall be wholly free
I scarce can hold the thought -- how beautiful I’ll be!

I shall embrace the sky, and the song of the wild birds’ flight
I’ll gaze straight at the sun, and have no fear of night
But swim the tossing seas, and drink their salt delight.

Out of their hidden corners, the little creatures creep
Joining in great glad freedom the end of frozen sleep
As the dark night was dreadful, so is rejoicing deep.

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