Saturday, June 02, 2007

Personal policies

Another meme. What are some of the implicit "rules" I live by? (And as soon as I post these I'll think of a dozen more important ones)

1. Always say thank you
2. NEVER compromise on issues of integrity
3. Never keep people waiting
4. Criticise the behaviour, but never the person (e.g. “I don’t like it when you do that” NEVER “You’re a @@@@@”)
5. Take things slowly when you first get up
6. People are much more important than things. Prioritise my time and energy accordingly
7. Always carry migraine medication etc with me if going out more than briefly
8. Never let the petrol tank get below ¼ full (why do all the males in my life think it’s a virtue to let it go as low as possible before they fill it?)
9. Always have more than one book at a time you’re reading (dunno why, I just do)
10. McDonalds is not real food
11. Don’t give up on people (yeah I’ve carried that one too far, and let some people hurt me too many times but I’d still rather err on the side of too much grace)
12. When things get bad, buy flowers!
13. never run out of chocolate (or anything else if I can help it, I tend to keep spare everything)
14. Try not to believe all the negative messages I carry from the past
15. Remember that the sun is still giving life to the earth even when hidden by clouds.
16. God is bigger than either my theology or my expectations. Always leave room for Him to do it His way.
17. Don’t try to organise me, I prefer “creative chaos”
18. Don’t have too many things on a “to do list”. Preferably, don’t have a “to do list” , but I acknowledge that sometimes life demands it.

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Suzanne R said...

I actually did this one, even though it's one of the harder memes I've written. I actually did it while at the computer, too, instead of my usual thing of writing memes out in longhand. Yours is so good and shows your personality so well -- I don't know what I think of mine. ;-)