Saturday, June 02, 2007

To an Abuser

This was written, some years ago, to someone who hurt me very much, as a way of processing some of the poisonous things he had spoken into me ..

No, even now, it seems, I cannot despise you;
Now, with your sin laid bare, my pain stacked high,
Still, there’s no hate, no anger, only pity
You were the loser, since you would not die.

You were the one who drowned in the bitter waters
Of your own lies, and would not be set free:
Driven to flee the truth of your own anguish,
You tipped your acid shame all over me,

Scarring my soul, burning my dreams with terror,
Darking my light and chaining me to pain
Bidding me walk the path that made you righteous
Striking a bargain pitiless and vain.

Naming me sinner for the sin you carried
Since I would not conform to your dark need;
I bore the blame, and you walked free and blameless
You stole my innocence with desperate greed.

You stand accused, but how can I accuse you?
You are my brother still – how small a price
I paid for you, compared to my redemption –
My freedom cost the bitter death of Christ!


kc bob said...

This is simply beautiful! It reveals your beautiful heart!

kc bob said...

Lynne, You Inspire Me.

karen said...

Lynne, thank you for this....a struggle that I've dealt with in the past couple of months. It helps.

Kevin Knox said...


You sail a straight course through rocks on either side. You avoid both failing to protect yourself from further abuse and protecting yourself by armoring yourself in bitterness. Mostly, you find the place of Christ in moments of terror and healing.

Praise the Lord.