Friday, June 15, 2007

Memory must not hold me

This one actually has a date on it -- May 01. About leaving the hurts of the past behind ..

Memory must not hold me.
I shall not assent to darkness, though it tear me limb from limb.
Fear has been strength.
I have held to determination
Through the tears and through the tossings
I have seen the moon reject me
And I know that stars can scream.

Let the wheel stop turning.

Let there be a new creation
Let me love without blind terror
Let me wear another armour
Then my stubborn dispossession
Let my very weeping testify
The victory of light --
Lest I live a falsehood.

Truth is not a captive.

She sings above the whirlwind
Her hush cuts through the clamour.
Though she bears a thousand children,
They must all wear the same face
(Can this be my own?)
She speaks till closed ears open
Like the grass she shall return
Though we cut her down with passion
She is ever at the roots.
And the very rain from heaven
Shall water her regrowth.

I shall dare to trust.

1 comment:

Suzanne R said...

Ah, trust is such a big issue for one who has been abused. This is moving and hits home to me.