Friday, February 01, 2008

Another angle

We can't always just walk away from situations or people who cause us pain, sometimes we have no choice (think slavery, for example)sometimes we choose because there is a good reason why we must endure something, or at least a good thing that requires a season of endurance for its fulfilment. That's what this is about ..

It would be much easier
To simply walk away.
To take my living fragments
To the place where stones don’t fly
Farewell the unequal struggle
And the long, despairing tiredness;
Welcome the soft spring morning
In that place where hearts can thaw.

I am no saint Sebastian
And these no holy holes.

Here, as I breathe corruption
I know myself corrupt
Locked in dishonest silence
Wrestling resentment down
Hacking against the hydra
Of my heaving hopelessness:
This is sport for fools.

And yet, to keep the promise
Is somehow to keep the faith.
Although my only flying
Is the reaching and the falling
I must trust in Him who holds me
And will never let me go.

1 comment:

Wayne Leman said...

Lynn, thanks for posting this one. It's been difficult for me, but I'm starting to learn that I can trust the One who will not let me go.