Monday, February 18, 2008


All back from holidays, and settling down to laundry, cooking, and the start of a small group at church which I've been asked to lead. That should keep me off the streets!

Random moments from my time away:
*Discovering that black swan cygnets that are almost full grown look like the adults except for mottled grey feathers on their backs instead of all black.

*Seeing white breasted sea eagles swoop down and take a fish from the water

*deciding that early morning light makes landscapes look like watercolours. Strong golden afternoon light gives the intensity of an oil painting

*the tame duck that wanted to get into our picnic stuff; a bit too tame for my liking

* buying myself a beautiful indian shawl in a craft shop, in soft pinks and greys

*eating perfectly cooked kangaroo (it's a very lean meat that can easily dry out) stacked on vanilla mushrooms -- sounds weird, but it's now in my shortlist of best meals I have ever eaten.

that's off the top of my head (a very dangerous place)

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Suzanne R said...

Your too-friendly tame duck reminds me of some of the chickens on Kauai. They were everywhere, but didn't bother people that I saw except for up in the big canyon on Kauai (Wailea? Wailua?), where I sat at a picnic table to eat the lunch prepared for me by my hotel kitchen, only to have some of it stolen by a very bold rooster!